Keep Looking Up; Sermons on the Psalms:
Available in paperback ISBN 978-155605-4662 and Ebook ISBN 978-155605-4679

Summary: Over the course of my faith journey, I have grown to love the Book of Psalms.  I love preaching, teaching, praying and living the psalms.  For me, they have become my songs, speaking to the joys and sorrows, pleasure and pain, smiles and tears, praise and possibility of life.  Indeed, as was the case with the ancient Israelites, these songs speak to every thread of the fabric and texture of the lives that we live.
The sermons contained in this volume speak to the various and sundry vicissitudes of life - our striving towards God, our need for comfort and encouragement, and our reasons to celebrate the goodness of God.  Importantly, the volume’s title, Keep Looking Up, speaks to the hope to which we as people of faith are called – that amidst what may often appear to be insurmountable odds and obstacles, we are called to look to God as the source of our strength.

STONES of HOPE; Essays, Sermons and Prayers on Religion and Race:
Available in paperback ISBN 978-155605-4686 and Ebook ISBN 978-155605-4693

For me, this volume is essentially a testament of hope – hope in God and hope for humanity.  And it is out of this hope that I believe that dreams, visions and possibilities for a better world are born.  Mine is a hope for a brighter future, a hope that love would abound among all of God’s people – a bright hope for tomorrow.

I believe that hope is the window that God has given us to see into God’s preferred future for our lives.  In the midst of the apparent hopelessness, nothingness, meaninglessness and lovelessness that seem to pervade our collective reality today, hope lends credence to the promises and possibilities that God has for each of our lives.  So we are encouraged – regardless of the circumstances that confront us - to keep hoping, for indeed we know that with hope - our best days and our most blessed days are not behind us, but ahead of us.


Author: D. Jonathan Watts  Our Hearts Strangely Warmed; A Practical Theology for Worship in the Wesleyan Tradititon

ISBN 978155605-4563 Paper $9.99 and 9781556054570 Ebook $4.99

In my previous book The Battle Lines of Worship, I noted the divergent paths of the church – especially between the worship styles of traditional/classical worship and contemporary/post-modern worship.  I have experienced, with both traditions, their constant competitive struggle to maintain worshipers and each has reconfigured worship to be more appealing to the current generation.  What I sense is a whole-sale casting aside of core traditional and historical attributes of worship for the sake of not seeming “old fashion.”  This is especially true in my denomination – the United Methodist Church. Out of a deep, heartfelt love of my church I write this work as a call to those who worship in the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition to reclaim the anchor points of liturgy and order which have been both historically and theologically bedrock foundations of faith and worship.  The book is divided into two sections.  The first explores the historical path of worship within the Wesleyan/Methodist traditions.  The second identifies elements of worship which should remain steadfast in both worship styles by examining their historical value, their Wesleyan connection, and the practical application in a post-modern world.

Existential Journey; Viktor Frankl and Leo Tolstoy on Suffering, Death, and the Search for Meaning      by, Micah R. Sadigh     300 pages

ISBN 9781556054548 Paper $28.00 and  978155605-4556 Ebook $9.99 Amazon

Professor Micah Sadigh, psychologist and philosopher, poet and composer, challenges us to examine our own “Existential Journey” as we engage in living our daily lives. To that end, he introduces us to the theories of others, notably Viktor Frankl and Leo Tolstoy, who endured Suffering, faced Death, and pursued their Search for Meaning in the midst of severe blows of fate. Their basic premises urge us to live authentically, consistent with inner ideations, in order to discover the essence of who we are and our purpose for being.

Sacred Butterflies: Poems Prayers and Practices by Jim Conlon

ISBN 9781556054521 Paper $ $24.00 and 978155605-4532 Ebook $9.99 Amazon

Jim Conlon’s collected poems, prayers and spiritual practices are sacred butterflies—light and ephemeral like butterflies, yet each is a sacramental presence of the divine. These are vehicles of the spiritual journey that integrate the interior life and our struggle with the world around us. Sacred and secular are united, the universe itself recognized as a manifestation of the divine. Dip into this collection at any point and let the flow of creative transformation circulate in your own life. Jim Conlon has distilled the best of his years of reflection and hope in these pieces and offered them to us as a modest and precious gift.

THE Science of Proper Human Living by Gerald Lemire

ISBN 978155605-4495 $24.00 and 978155605-4505 Ebook $9.99 Amazon

A summarized description could be “The methodical study of humans as functioning entities in their environment, by a better knowledge and understanding of local inner human nature and traits of personality, outer social relations, potential occupation conditions and material systems in which they operate, some realization of physical/gender contacts, eventual family/society relations and other aspects leading to Life Satisfaction, Wellness/Wellbeing and the good of humankind.

By Matthew and Sande Theis
ISBN 978-155605-4471 Price $9.95
Ebook available with Amazon Kindle. $4.95

Thee American Crisis AGAIN; how we got here and what is required to get us out. This new title is a light to a Godly path that we must take. The voting is over, but the battle intensifies.  Unlike 1776 when we fought the British, our current American Crisis is against the powers of darkness and will take more determination and commitment than it did to defeat the British.

This book will enable you to understand the definition and application of humility.  It provides the God inspired solution to restore our personal relationship with Him. It has the promise of a relationship with the Lord that you have never had before.  Our nation will benefit as Christians strengthen their personal relationship with God. Through our humility, God will reclaim America, heal our land and reunite a now divided country.

Aspects of Spirituality
By Karen Gillman
ISBN 978-155605-4457 Price $14.95
Ebook available with Amazon Kindle. $9.99

This is Karen Gillman's new book of Poetry. She practices psychology in Maine, teaches the Enneagram as a type 7, certified by Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels, and writes.  Her verses, stories and articles have been published in a variety of publications. This is a book about the experiences we face in our journey.  She has had six books published by Wyndham Hall Press. 

This Sacred Earth:
Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Nature & Humanity's Place Within It
Edited By Paul J. Kirbas
978-155605-4396 Priced $28.00

Ebook at Amazon Price978-155605-4408 $9.99

Special Teacher's Edition 978-155605-4419 $45.00 Includes DVD

This new book explores the basic and important question of whether nature is sacred in and of its own right, and if so, what is a proper understanding of our human place within it. We offers insightful perspectives from an interdisciplinary panel including leading scientists, theologians, and philosophers. The contributing authors also represent diverse religious perspectives, including Evangelical Christian, Roman Catholic, Jewish and Muslim. Beginning with a brief tour of the universe led by NASA astronomer Jennifer Wiseman, the book proceeds to lay important foundations of building bridges between science and religion. Once this bridge is provided, theologians step in to reflect on the meaning of the sanctity of nature, and of what it means to be human. The current model of seeing humans as the stewards of nature, with all its good intentions, is seriously questioned. New models are proposed, leading readers to fresh considerations of our use of, and care for nature.

The companion DVD included with the Teacher's Edition continues the conversation, as our authors respond to several related questions. In addition to the video interview segments, the DVD contains written transcripts of the full interviews, as well as pictures of the actual conference that brought our panel together.

Search for Meaning at the Broken Places

By Harvey Shrum
978-155605-4297 Priced $28.00
Ebook also available on Amazon Price $9.99
Search for Meaning at the Broken Places is a synthesis of Logotherapy, the Intensive Journal, and the stages of grief. It addresses critical life issues and provides an opportunity for healing, growth and strength at the broken places, places full of paradoxes and unexpected gifts.

My Hope Is Built: Essays, Sermons and Prayers on Religion and Race
By C. Anthony Hunt
978-155605-4327 Priced $28.00
Ebook also available on Amazon Price $9.99

Dr. Hunt continues his published work with Wyndham Hall adressing today's topics on religion and race relations in this second volume.

The Ethics of Happiness
By Stephen J. Costello
978-155605-4242 Priced $24.00
Ebook also available on Amazon Price $9.99

This book is on the philosophy and psychology of happiness. The author traces the shifting meanings of the term from the Greeks, who understood happiness as flourishing to the twenty-first century, which views it as subjective satisfaction. The book proceeds historically from Aristotle to Viktor Frankl. The author argues that we should not aim for happiness; rather, happiness should be let happen; it is a by-product of meaning and Dr. Costello anchors his thesis in Frankl’s tri-dimensional ontology, delineating the differences between pleasure, happiness and joy.

A Spiritual Journey into The Future
By Ewert Cousins.
978-155605-4259 Priced $24.00
Ebook available at Amazon Price $9.99

The chapters of this study were published separately as Ewert Cousins explored various dimensions of the contemporary religions quest. He sought to test ideas and context and thus gain insight through the feedback from fellow scholars, and monastic and other spiritual guides, and religious leaders of the different traditions. It was always an open ended process as he was convinced we are entering a new era of unitive spiritual development. Every question asked could only receive a partial and provisional answer in light of an emerging new sense of experience as both personal and interpersonal, as individual and communal: a new kind of human consciousness.

Practice Management:
A Practical Guide to Starting and Running a Medical Office
2ND Edition
By Christian Rainer, MD. MPH.
978-155605-3962 Priced $35.00
Ebook 978-155605-4112 Price $9.99
This popular book is up to date for 2011 and describes the steps to opening day. First, the basics, such as financing, rent, coding, hiring, contracting, records, malpractice insurance and even Health Care Reform. Then, business strategies and more complex issues, such as money management and the influence of outside factors. A chapter deals with typical business encounters for the private practitioner. Finally buying a practice is discussed.

Navigating Through a Stipulated Freedom
Discovering a Guiding Biblical Compass for the Journey of Biotechnology
by Paul J. Kirbas Price $19.95 ISBN 978-155605-4051
Ebook 978-155605-4129 Price $9.99

Faith seeking understanding in the complex and changing landscape of modern bioethics need a reliable guide. This book is such a guide. It will open minds and doors to the partnership between religion and biotechnology.


The Battle Lines of Worship:
Finding a Place of Truce and Trust
by D. Jonathan Watts
ISBN 978-155605-4068 Price $24.00
EBOOK: 978-155605-4106 Price $9.99

The Battle Lines of Worship not only gives a concise Biblical history of worship but also will illustrate the controversial aspects of a current debate with many churches between traditional and contemporary services. This work will open minds and doors for those seeking the “right” worship style.


GOSPELTELLING to a Digital Culture:
The Forensic Reconstruction of a Good Story
by D. Jonathan Watts
Price $21.95 ISBN 9781-55605-4044
Ebook 978-155605-4099 Price $9.99

This is a book that explores the history and practice of biblical storytelling and offers each reader a tool in presenting the Word of God. A wonderful resource for the pastor and lay persons that are looking for a modern communication resource.

ALSO THREE New Books From Dr. John H. Morgan

Muslim Clergy in America: Ministry as Profession in the Islamic Community
This expanded 2nd edition is a wonderful new title and examies the complexities of religious leaders in the Muslim community.

BEGINNING WITH FREUD: The Classical Schools of Psychotherapy
Believing that the use of primary sources is the best way of learning the thought system of a great thinker, Dr. Morgan has decided to focus upon a single text of each of the eight psychotherapists (Freud, Alder
, Jung, Frankl, Erikson, Maslow, Rogers & Sullivan). Though the entire corpus of their work will be incorporated in this enquiry, his approach will be to critically consider a major text which established each one as a leading theorist in the field of psychotherapy. A biographical summary of each theorist followed by a textual analysis of a classic work in their repertoire.

Beyond Divine Intervention: The Biology of Right and Wrong by Dr. John H. Morgan. This book will consider three schools of thought, namely, ethical theism (which includes Jewish, Christian, and Islamic ethics), ethical humanism, and ethical naturalism.The intent in this study is to demonstrate a progression of human thought, beginning with the ethically mandated notion of ethical theism that “the Divine says,” to a more sophisticated notion of humanism that “Man says,” ending with the even more developed notion of naturalism that “the Earth says.”

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The Joy Of Hope: Commonsense Approach to an Enchanted Life of Bliss
by M. Francis Abraham with Sujatha Abraham White
Price $24.00 ISBN 9781-55605-4013


Traditional Hmong Marriage Ceremony Values
by Choua Mouavangsou
Price $24.00 ISBN 9781-55605-4006

The Spirituality of Play: An Existential Understanding of Play Therapy with Children by Dr. David Flemmer is written for anyone who desires to become more closely attuned to their children. Spirituality is used as a venue to help delineate the growth that is necessary for human development. Through the use of play, adults can discover their children in love. A large component of this work alludes that parents and others who work with children must use play as the way of reaching out to the child.

Climbing the Mountain of God, By Jeffrey Wincel presents a fresh look into the nature of spirituality, mysticism and discipleship. By examining the contemporary thirst for true spirituality in the light of ancient tradition, today’s faithful come to understand the nature of God’s Holiness, and their participation in a journey towards Him. A wonderful new book, call now and order.

Beauty, Wonder and Belonging: A Book of Hours for the Monastery of the Cosmos invites the reader to engage the rhythms of the day to explore the mystery of the divine and the human experience unfolding within the Universe. Stepping over the threshold of each dawn and dusk, our origin story reveals our sacred purpose within the Great Work.

FRANKLIAN PSYCHOLOGY and Christian Spiritual Formation by Randy L. Scraper summarizes the work of Dr. Viktor Frankl and applies Logotherapy and Logo philosophy to the Christian spiritual formation methodology known as "the three ways." The result is the establishment of a "meaning matrix" that helps anyone better understand the significant points of transition in the Christian spiritual life.

Crawling In The Dark: Searching For The Light by Patrick Sprankle is a wonderful book of faith, directed toward the young adult. Have you ever been in the dark, darkness so deep and black that you cannot see your hand before your eyes? Many young adults who experience times of doubt and confusion in their faith wander around as if in a spiritual darkness. Crawling in the Dark can act as a guide to those who have found themselves crawling. By candidly, clearly and caringly addressing ‘doubting faith,’ this book seeks to offer light a young adult’s journey.

Jonah: The Story of Us by Fr. Joseph Diele guides us on the journey of discovering the God within us, our very reason for being. The author invites us to become prophets, to become other Jonahs and challenges us to run towards not away from our inner voice. Through prayer and reflection we learn how to become more comfortable with the self we discover. As you read you will learn that you need not fear life for life is God working within us.

Light of Love: The Unity Candle and The Christian Wedding Ceremony by Frank D. Herlihy is unique as its focus is on the potential use of the Unity Candle and addresses the question, Does it fit as a liturgical symbol? The book will be a useful tool for the clergy and those who are contemplating marriage within a Christian setting, providing a new look at the use of the Unity Candle within the wedding ceremony. It speaks to the love between the couple and the transcendent being, God!

Tranference, Love, and the Spiritual Journey: Falling in Love to Know God by Mary M. Kane. This book explores the process of transference, commonly experienced as a “falling in love” and explains it’s impact on the helping relationship of psychotherapy and of spiritual direction. Aspects of transference are elucidated and clarified from the psychoanalytic and from the theological or spiritual perspective. Transference not only is the key to conversion but also the accepting and using transference, love, whenever it is manifested, is essential for the transformation of the person to a true “life in the Spirit.”

The Humanity of Mediators: From a Study of the Major Concepts of Viktor E. Frankl by Henry A. Chan. For professionals and people wanting to learn more about mediation, Dr. Chan studies the impact that Viktor E. Frankl had in this field. This study can serve as a bridge between mediation and the fields of psychology, sociology, social work, pastoral psychology and counseling.

Transforming Humanity by William Glissen writes that people throughout the world emphasize differences in individuals, and the result is isolation from one other. The only way to correct this situation is to first acknowledge that isolation exists, and second, to affirm the imperative to explore the commonality that can be shared and explored together, and then act to achieve and experience what was in the beginning the “divine plan” for humanity. This process of acknowledging, affirming, and acting changes people, leading to transformation—a state of being whereby differences harmoniously coexist.

Psychoanalysis and the Sacred by Frank Malone illustrates how the field of psychoanalysis has grown far beyond its initial hostility to religion and the spiritual experience. Through extensive interviews with some of the most prominent clinical psychoanalysts representing diverse schools, we analyse how they approach religion in a positive way, including the way they handle religious issues in treatment.

The Quartermasters of Terror: Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Jihad by Mark Silverberg. There is a reason why fifteen of the nineteen September 11th terrorists, forty percent of the suicide bombers in Iraq and eighty percent of the “detainees” taken from Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba were from Saudi Arabia. It is because Islam itself is involved in an ideological and religious struggle within itself and has been hijacked by a radical Islamic cult that now dominates that country. Saudi Arabia is the ideological and financial epicenter of global Islamic terrorism. Carried on the wings of Saudi largess, Saudi “Wahhabism” has penetrated societies from the Philippines to America through a vast, complex Islamic financial, religious and educational network. Exposing this network is the subject matter of this book

The Mediator As Human Being by Henry A. Chan (ISBN 1-55605-378-9) discusses how major psychological concepts of Freud, Jung, Erikson and Maslow operate in the person of the mediator during the process of mediation. This awareness can help the experienced mediator as well as the trainee to become more effective in the practice of mediation.

Circus of Medicine by Richard D. Smith (ISBN 1-55605-379-7)
Managed medical care, an irrational value-oriented medical mass movement, grew beyond its inherent worth, which was nil. Common sense and good judgment went out the window long ago. Satire attacks such mass madness, a mass hysteria: the function of satire when common sense, the press, academia, and regulatory agencies fail. This is Dr. Smith’s third publication for Wyndham Hall Press.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers, A Theological Analysis of the Thought of Howard Thurman and Martin Luther King, Jr. by C. Anthony Hunt (ISBN 1-55605-381-9) Howard Thurman and Martin Luther King, Jr. were seminal figures in 20th Century American religion. Their thoughts and practices helped to shape the ongoing vision for peace and community across the many forms of diversity incumbent in society. Dr. C. Anthony Hunt offers insights on the life and thought of Thurman and King. As both envisaged peaceful community as critical to just society, Hunt identifies ten principles from the work of Thurman and King that will be critical to the realization of peaceful community in the new millennium.

Also the fourth title published by C. Anthony Hunt; And Yet the Melody Lingers:

To speak of America is speak of the ongoing convergence of religion and race. These are two themes that have continued to be intricately and indelibly linked. In And Yet the Melody Lingers, Dr. C. Anthony Hunt offers snapshots of one person’s thought and praxis with regard to the themes of religion and race in America. Written over the course of a decade (1995-2004), the twenty-two (22) essays, sermons and prayers that comprise this volume are a part of an ongoing journey - a litany of reflection/action - on these important themes. These writings can also be seen as a prayer that racism – and all of its atrocious effects - will someday be eradicated.

FEMINA SAPIENS: A Study of Women Through Imagery (ISBN1-55605-376-2)by Francesco Aristide Ancona. Were women the first truly thinking human beings? Femina Sapiens traces primitive art and artifacts to discover the truth: Homo sapiens, "thinking man," should actually be Femina sapiens, "thinking woman." Part II of the book presents a solid argument for contemporary Goddess worship, proving Her divinity through a uniquely creative, highly interesting exploration that includes yet transcends reason.

LATIN NOT DEAD: GREEK ALIVE AND WELL IN TODAY'S WORDS: The Concise Handbook of the Building Blocks of our English Language (ISBN: 1-55605-375-4) by Nancy J. O'Reilly. If you wish to be successful as a reader, thinker and conversationalist, memorizing arcane words on vocabulary lists is no longer necessary. This is a wonderful book that will help you learn the basic Greek and Latin Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes. When you have become familiar with the material you can easily decode over 85% of our English language.

GRACE-FILLED TRANSITIONS UNTO TRANSFORMATION: Adapting the 12 Steps for a new Vision of Spiritual Eldering (ISBN 1-55605-371-1) By Angelita Fenker, D.Min. The material in this book was originally created for retreats with groups of recovering Ministers who wanted something on aging. Its Christ-centered focus stresses wellness and empowerment. This book is useful for personal enrichment, and can also be a facilitator’s handbook for group use. This is a wonderful source for individual or group study on a positive spiritual aspect of aging.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT: A Practical Guide to starting and Running a Medical Office; by Christian Rainer, MD., MPH. The book is addressed to doctors who want to open their own offices. In the past, many doctors simply worked on salary, often for large group practices. Many of those faced financial disaster. Consequently, there are less salaried jobs available. Instead, doctors have to consider hanging up their own shingle and build their own future. Faced with such a decision, many wished they had been taught something about starting and running an office. Many make mistakes, some of them grave, resulting in financial collapse. This book will help you understand the principles of practice management from a practical standpoint of what works...and what does not work!

Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy: Method of Choice in Ecumenical Pastoral Psychology by Ann V. Graber. Now in it's expanded SECOND edition. This is a new study and a wonderful approach to help our understanding of psychotherapy and its place in Western culture. This text is well accepted around the world. It is a step forward in bringing about meaningful change that will lead to "psycho-spiritual" well being. For more information on this latest title, go to "Logotherapy" tab to the left of the screen.


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Islamic Fundamentalism and The Doctrine of Jihad by A. J. Abraham is a popular and scholarly interest in the phenomenon of Islamic Fundamentalism, as depicted in the media, has continued to grow in intensity. Descriptions of "Islamic Terrorism" from around the world has damaged the image of Islam in the West. This study, sympathetic in tone, discusses the theory of Islamic Fundamentalism, the doctrine of Jihad, and offers an Islamic alternative from Islam’s own past.

No Wind For Their Sails: The Betrayal of America's Urban Youth by William B. Thomas and Edward F. Stankowski. Also; American Medical Care by Dr. Loran E. Coppoc M.D.